Accurate monitoring of water level with radio data transmission to the cloud

The WATER UNIO sensor measures the water level in your well at regular intervals. Measured data is sent to the cloud for further processing and visualization.

Actual status can be viewed on the web or directly in your mobile phone. Accurate and up-to-date data are always at your hand.

The WATER UNIO sensor communicates over dynamically evolving radio network Sigfox for IoT (Internet of Things) with a frequency band of 868.13 MHz. Sigfox allows bi-directional communication of sensors with a limited number of feedback messages. Thanks to Europe-wide coverage, it is possible to communicate and control all sensors especially on a long distances cheaply, safely and with a low power consumption.

Contents of the set

Optimized set for immediate well monitoring

The WATER UNIO sensor package contains the following components:

  • Radio and control electronics
  • Cable with water level sensor (optional length)
  • Screw mounting kit

Installation and comissioning

The WATER UNIO sensor is delivered in a set for easy installation and quick commissioning.

The installation procedure is as follows:

  1. Lower the level sensor with the cable to the bottom of the well
  2. Place the control electronics in a location with Sigfox signal coverage
  3. Log in to the web application at cloud.monitoring-studni.cz, or download the mobile app and enter the necessary information:
  • User name and password
  • Measurement period
  • Amount of data aggregation (number of water level measurements in single data message)
  • Set the alarm states (max and min level at which you want to be informed when a defined value is exceeded)

After installation and commissioning, you can start monitoring the water level in your well.

Technical parameters


Power supply

Internal battery

Operation period

Up to 10 years


Radio communication Sigfox RC1,

Measuring range

Well depth up to 100 m

Working temperatures

Ambient temp -30°C až +70°C

Temp of medium -20°C až +70°C

Water resistance



Device is certified for contact with drinking water

ČSN EN 55016-2-3, ed. 3, cl. 7.3

ČSN EN 55032, ed. 2

ČSN EN 61000-4-3, ed. 3

ČSN EN 61000-4-2, ed. 2

Sigfox Ready